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b 1956, Great Falls, MT.
BS Montana Tech (Geophysical Engineering),
MS The Ohio State University (Hydrogeology).

I make art because I love the process.  Our Studio5N sessions are filled with friends, beautiful models, laughter, creativity, wine, food, and music.  Amazingly, we can actually produce serious artwork under these conditions.  I paint portraits of men, oil on canvas, and only from live models.  I seem to spend more time removing wet paint than applying wet paint, and this process continues until the model has to go home.  That’s it.


Glenn McNatt (Art Critic, Baltimore Sun)
"Grant Arnold Anderson’s superbly drafted portrait heads of African-American men in graphite and encaustic are as sensitively and sympathetically rendered as a drawing by Copley.” “...masterful...”


Katherine Blood (Curator of Fine Prints and Drawings, The Library of Congress)
“...exquisite drawing by artist Grant Anderson.” “...a tremendous presence. At the same time the gauziness and suspension of the image give it a dreamy sort of magic realism."


David Gracyalny (Dean, Continuing Studies, Maryland Institute, College of Art):

“I felt great admiration for the innovation and daring of Grant Arnold Anderson’s mixed media work. Using wax over graphite was not only inventive; it also worked to enhance the intriguing quality of spatial illusion and surface treatment.”

Documentary Film

Dirty Drawings (with happy endings), 2011. Accepted: Boston LGBT Film Festival, Chicago LGBT Film Festival.


The journey of a group of gay male artists in NYC, and how drawing live models in erotic, sexually explicit poses supercharges their creativity and artistic development. They blur the boundary between art and pornography, and they suffer when trying to create commercial markets for their artworks.


Grant Arnold Anderson

302 E. Federal St. 
Baltimore, MD